We want to show the world why play matters.

Killscreen is an arts and culture organization committed to advancing the dialogue and practice of games and play. Founded in 2010, we seek to drive the intersection of games, play, and culture through cross-disciplinary collaboration to show the world why play matters. We want to break down the barriers that have traditionally segregated play and games from other creative disciplines and highlight creators with ambassadorial relationships to the world around us.

Our core activities are organizing exhibitions, readings, panels, workshops, screenings, conferences, and editorial content. We co-organized the first videogame exhibition and acquisitions at the Museum of Modern Art, produced the first virtual reality arts program at the New Museum, and curated the first games programming at the Tribeca Film Festival. Killscreen was started as a Kickstarter project in 2009, grew into a magazine, and matured as an arts organization.

Killscreen has three main areas of focus:

Design: We are advocates for “hyphenates”—those who don’t fit neatly into a single creative category. We support those who implicitly or explicitly incorporate game-making and playful design into a larger creative practice and portfolio.

Culture: For a generation of creatives that has grown up with videogames, it shouldn’t be surprising that every artistic field finds games as influence, visually, interactively, aesthetically and spiritually. We seek to advocate for those who are making work that engenders the spirit of play.

Impact: We are committed to our work making a difference in the world, specifically around highlighting the genius of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We want this reflected both on the creators we praise as well as those producing Killscreen’s output.

Killscreen is a product of Twofivesix.

Our Ears are Burning


“The McSweeney’s of interactive media.”

“…aims to answer larger questions like ‘What does it mean to play?’”

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