Ballots: Luis Wong


1. Rayman Origins (15)
2. The Gunstringer (15)
3. Tropico 4 (PC) (15)
4. Jetpack Joyride (15)
5. Mortal Kombat (15)


These were the games I enjoyed the most this year. They are examples on how we are getting back to the essence of play and fun, while dealing with new technologies. Rayman Origins brought me back the need for platform games in my life. I loved The Gunstringer for its sense of humor and game mechanics using Kinect. Tropico 4 showed me my real dream in life: being a socialist dictator on a Caribbean island. I found out about Jetpack Joyride on a friend’s iPad and with it, finally became interested in mobile gaming. And beating people on Mortal Kombat was the best way to get attention and respect in every gaming session that I went this year.

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