Capcom to release fan-developed Mega Man fighting game for free

So what do you do if you’re Capcom and somebody makes a Mega ManStreet Fighter homage? You could:

A) Do what other big companies do and leverage lawsuits to squash the release and dissemination of the game. 


B) Release the game for the creator. Generate a ton of buzz (positive instead of the negative lawsuit kind) and get people excited about your company when you are trying to release a spinoff of your flagship series. All the while endearing yourself to your fanbase.

– – –

Seems like B is the best choice, but that’s subjective.

The game is the brainchild of Singapore “superfan” Seow Zong Hui, who got in touch with Capcom’s Christian Svensson during the EVO 2012 event. There he showed him an early prototype of the game running on his laptop. Svensson later shared the idea with other at Capcom. After playing the game “to death” they decided to work with Seow Zong Hui to build something to be part of the Mega Man 25th Anniversary celebration.

You can get it here on December 17th for PC.