WonderBook found in amber, Aiming for Love in the UK, and Chess 2: Electric Boogaloo

With new hardware out within the month costing you a cool half-grand, it’s surprising consoles have yet to sell like smartphones, i.e., given away and subsidized by monthly payments. We won’t have to wait long.

Remember the Wonderbook? Turns out new books are dropping this month. Whether dinos and Diggs are wonderful or not is TBD.

Martin Hollis helped create Goldeneye for Nintendo 64, arguable popularizing the console first-person shooter. Now he’s setting his sights on different kind of headshot in Aim for Love, a public installation that fosters community and romance.

Minecon was this past weekend. Beyond the Creepers was a section and panels devoted to indie games, including Spotkins’ Contraption Maker, the spirtual successor to The Incredible Machine.

Chess is kind of a good game. But it’s so last-gen. Zac Burns and David Sirlin think Chess 2The Sequel is an improvement on the aging classic. But will it surpass Battle Chess?

EA’s new-ish CEO Andrew Wilson has been making the interview rounds lately. His latest hypothesis: Healthcare.gov could have avoided its disasterous start by learning from troubled online game releases like EA’s Battlefield 3.

Drei is a new… game? from Zurich developer Etter. Somehow this trailer feels good. We know YouTube hasn’t developed haptic technology yet. Just trust us.

Whoa! It’s an hour earlier.