Cheat Sheet 2/13/2012: Nintendo’s latest addition to the empire, Twisted Metal’s future, and the greatest fantasy RPG mashup ever?

Time to catch up with this afternoon’s cheat sheet, here’s the rest of today’s news:

– Nintendo has added video codec company Mobiclip to their arsenal.

– David Jaffe has said that there are “no plans at all” to continue the Twisted Metal franchise after he leaves Eat Sleep Play.

– The narrator from Bastion makes everything better. Paired with some Skyrim footage, the result is hilarious, disturbing and oddly appropriate.

– The ongoing DotA 2 beta key rollout was halted due to limitations in server capacity.

Diablo 3 devs have commented on the game’s difficulty settings, saying you will die. A lot.

That’s it for today, check back in tomorrow for the super-romantic edition of the Cheat Sheet.

– Adnan Agha