Disney’s Club Penguin maximizes security, donates millions to safety campaigns.

The social network for kids once described as an “Orwellian dystopia” for vigilantly monitoring the language used between its users, Club Penguin is extending its children’s online-safety crusade by donating millions worth of space in TV, print, and web slots to third-party child safety campaigns, according to the BBC.

“It starts with making sure that the parents are involved, making sure kids understand not to share personal information and to tell someone if they experience something inappropriate.”

Disney plans to link up with child safety experts including Ceop (Child exploitation and online protection) and charities such as Childnet.

The advertising “fund” can be spent on space across Disney’s television channels, magazines and child-focused sites in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Club Penguin currently uses filters to prevent inappropriate conversations. The filters limit what can be said on the site.

It also employs over 200 moderators.

“We don’t control who comes on the site but we have a lot of control over what they experience once there,” said Mr Merrifield.

He said that it was “dangerous” to rely purely on technology.

“Language is organic and we use human moderators to stay ahead of new trends,” he said.

Whether this all just makes the larger would of social media all the more mysterious and alluring remains to be seen. Have to start them young, apparently.