Extra lives: Experiencing other ways of life through stories and games

Sarah Kay’s Ted Talk “How Many Lives Can You Live?” starts with a childhood question of potential identity.

“When I was little I could not understand the concept that you could only live one life. And I don’t mean this metaphorically, I mean I literally thought that I was going to do everything there was to do and be everything there was to be, it was only a matter of time. And there was no limitation based on age or gender or race or even appropriate time period.”

After realizing the limitations of her one life, Kay began passionately telling both her and others’ stories, trying to spread as many experiences as possible. Crafting experiences and communicating them to others is a central concern for game designers all over the world. From UI to hitbox dimensions, designers allow us to feel like a rock star, head coach, space marine or even just a guy rock climbing. The variety of experience and presentation within videogames is one of its greatest strengths.

– Adnan Agha