The Kill Screen Shop: Things You Like

So you like videogames, right? But you probably like other things too. Good food. Beer. Clothing. Architecture. You know, things that adults like. Culture things. Things you can touch and see and talk about. 

We here at Kill Screen are just like you. We like stuff. That’s why we’re not just a magazine. We’re so much more, and we’d like to point your direction to the Kill Screen Shop

“A shop,” you say. “What could you possibly find in a shop?” Well, our magazines, of course—but tees and prints are two of our specialties. Like the art in the magazine? You’ll find selected pieces to adorn your walls. Want to sport a Kill Screen shirt? Yeah, we’ve got that too.

Our crown and jewel is the Kill Screen Tee Club. Each month we conscript a different game studio or designer to make us a new shirt. So far, we’ve had Fun Bits, makers of Fat Princess, and The Odd Gentlemen, creators of The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom. (The latter boasts an octopus smoking a pipe, which is undeniably awesome.) Future projects will feature 5th Cell (Scribblenauts), Capybara (Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes), RedLynx (Trials HD), and Twisted Pixel (The Maw, Comic Jumper). It is the coolest.