Dishonored began with no plot, just a world

Dishonored started with art and went from there, no plot, just an idea of what the world was going to be (a fact which our reviewer discovered on Monday). With Viktor Antonov, the guy who brought us the design of City 17, leading the charge, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Antonov and Sebastian Mitton on the evolution of the game’s development:

[Dishonered] had a bugdget, a contract, a gameplay idea, but not a written story.We wrote the story through images…Positioning the whole identity of the game, that was only done through images, then there was writing, there was chunks and bits that appeared based on images, images were based on writing: it was a very organic process. If this was to be a movie script, the sketches and the drawings would be the script for the story. 

Here is a video that tracks the process.