Peer into the mysteries and secrets of a 1970s suburb

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At a busy crossroads in a 1970s suburb it is your task to drive every car at once. You steer one auto-accelerating vehicle to its destination, time rewinds, then you steer another while avoiding your former self. At every stage this act is repeated until you’re dodging chaotic traffic of your own creation. But the lasting appeal of the game isn’t so much this challenge as it is the lives that you peer into without their knowing. Each car, bike, and boat has its owner, and they are all diverging from the road, or their duties, and some from morality. Adulterers, religious charlatans, and ghost cars all converge on the road before heading off their separate ways. Each character is an engrossing, peculiar mystery and it’s no wonder: they’re all penned by guest author Simon Flesser, better known as half of Swedish duo Simogo. The result is an enchanting drama spread across the secret motivations of even the most insignificant journey we take.

Perfect for: Nosy neighbors, road racers, mystery hunters.

Playtime: A safely driven hour, or many crash-happy ones.