Why Can’t I Stop Playing Drop7?

The devilishly simple Drop7 is a puzzle game par excellance. If you have not played this wonderful game developed by NYC studio Zynga New York (formerly area/code), then you should download it immediately. 

Savannah College of Art and Design professor John Sharp takes a closer look at the game. Unlike other videogames that find his mind wandering, Sharp can do nothing but fixate on Drop7 and wants to know why.

 When playing Drop7, I rarely think beyond the game. I am usually able to carry on a light conversation,[69] but beyond that, the game defies my usual multi-tasking ways.[70] The game transforms me from a serial multi-tasker into a singularly-focused, in-the-moment player.

Why does the game have this power? Where exactly does the alchemy take place that uses math to bind the grid and the discs to create an experience that locks me in and brings me back over and over?