Adorable Kickstarter project teaches kids how to live-action role play.

Burlington, Mass youth program Guard Up, Inc. is teaching kids how to live-action role play. Meghan Gardner told Wired: “This program is designed to engage kids and teens in live, story-based adventures where they play a character in an ongoing storyline.” Sounds like fun to me. As that saying goes, “You’re born naked. Everything else is just LARPing.”

Gardener is running a Kickstarter and explains:

Imagine offering kids and teens the opportunity to create their own character in a live, ongoing storyline that never repeats. They choose their special skills, select their foam weapons, and create their own history. They decide what to do next when opportunity (or trouble) arises. They stand shoulder to shoulder with their fellow heroes as they fight treacherous villains, solve ancient mysteries, defend the fragile land, and win long lost treasure. Sound like a computer game?

Well it isn’t… this is a LIVE Wizards & Warriors weekly class.