Does interactivity start with a name?

Khalil Chistee’s work is striking in its own right. His latest exhibit decides to play with the idea of interpretation and the artist as author.

“The artist’s installation, titled “Jo dil pe guzarti hey raqam kerte rahein gay”, showcases 22 pieces that have undergone the welding spark on archival paper technique where each piece portrays burnt incisions embedded in thick layers of archival paper. The artist has left the meaning and inspiration open to interpretation, to the extent of encouraging viewers to write down their own titles for each piece.”

The work isn’t simply untitled. Instead of leading the viewer to an intrepretation with the title, Chistee is giving the view the power to influence how she sees the work. It’s not as interactive as most art installations, but that sole interaction with a work of art makes it all the more meaningful. Let that be a lesson to all designers: quality, not quantity of interaction. 

The exhibit is running now at the Rohtas Gallery in Islamabad. 


– Filipe Salgado