Details on Halo developer’s new game leak, scheduled for 2013 release

It’s been almost two years since Bungie’s last game, Halo: Reach, was released and details about their new games have been scant. But the studio’s plans were inadvertently  made public this week by documents released as part of the on-going legal battle with Call of Duty co-creators Jason West and Vince Zampella and Activision. 

Bungie’s newest project, code-named “Destiny,” is scheduled to be a series of four games released every other beginning in 2013 published by Activision. The first game is planned for release only on the Xbox 360–and possibly its successor–with later games planned for next-generation Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. 

In the off-years the studio will release a major downloadable addition to the previous year’s game, code-named “Comet.” The contract describes the game as a “sci-fantasy action shooter,” but doesn’t offer any further details on what it will be about.

The studio also insisted on being able to use up to 5% of its workforce to work on a prototype project for a successor to Marathon, the futuristic shooter that helped make Bungie famous in the mid-90s. 


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