In real-life "choose your own adventure," fictional characters stalk Bostonites

Love the thrill of being stalked, but not the consequences? PerambuLit lets you duck around the corners and into cafes to avoid imaginary stalkers and suspicious stranger. This alternate-reality game turns a tour of downtown Boston into a suspenseful Choose-Your-Own Adventure. Just think of it as an audio book that reacts to your location. 

Since the story takes place in the streets of Boston, ideally we want listeners to listen on site. You begin PerambuLit on the steps of the Boston Public Library, and use Broadcastr‘s geotagging application for your iPhone and Android to map the route. For example, after listening to the first segment, you get to choose to walk down either Boylston Street or St. James Avenue. You then tap on the audio “tag” on your smart phone screen for this route, which causes the corresponding audio segment of the story to play. Then you choose again. And again …

You play as a character who is paranoid about being followed. Are you in real danger, or just having a panic attack?

And why does this sound like my real life?

-Jason Johnson