Is it safe to get a Vita yet?

Boy do I want a Vita. I always wanted a PSP, but being an aspiring videogame journalist (poor) and already possessing a DS, I never could justify it. Then the Vita came out I promised myself I was going to buy it when the price dropped. The price dropped, but at that point about 1000 articles scryed the failure of the system. I try to shrug off the pessimists, but every time I muster up enough courage to finally go through with the purchase, another doomsayer tweets about its inevitable failure or the paucity of upcoming games. I really want to play Jet Set Radio, but i want a little hope for longevity before I invest $250. 

– – –

I imagine this is the story for many Vita gamers. We are facilitating this Catch-22 together; we are waiting for the Vita to catch on, but by not buying it, we are not being part of the catch-on, thereby consigning it to failure. I am declaring that this holiday season, we all must jump in and make it viable (please?). It did well during black Friday:

PlayStation Vita also racked up some decent sales, moving 160,000 units and selling out of the $199Assassin’s Creed: Liberation bundles. Perhaps aided by the addition of the service to the handheld, PlayStation Plus subscriptions grew 259% last week compared to the same time period the year before.

It’s going to be Christmas, what better time for unneccessary expensive electronics? Fellow Vita holdouts —  as undercover cop and surfer and skydiver Johnny Utah once saidare we going to jump or jerk off?