Crossover Alert: Lana Del Rey laments "Video Games"

Ten years ago today, the R&B singer Aaliyah met her tragic death. RIP Aaliyah, you were the best to ever do it, etc. Anyways, all that Aaliyah had us in the mood to post some awesome girl-pop for you guys, and so it seemed like a good time to point you guys to the new Lana Del Rey single called “Video Games.” Musically, it some late-period Patsy Cline orchestral Nashville Sound shit, with Lana’s honeyed voice reminding of a less country Dolly Parton, except the lyrics are about doing hoodrat stuff like drinking beer and playing video games, among other things. The video is great, too.

For more information, frequent Kill Screen contributor Ian Cohen has a nice review of the track over with our homies at Pitchfork.

-Drew Millard

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