This Minecraft construction reminds us of Studio Ghibli, and that’s a good thing

There are some pretty amazing Minecraft constructions out there, but let’s be honest. While tenacious feats, most of them are kind of hideous, visually speaking. They rarely look as exquisite as Sango-Sho: Oriental Minecraft Dreamscape, a year long creative endeavor from /r/minecraft user lentebriesje. 

“It has been a strugle [sic] at times, but it has always stayed with me,” he says on another forum. Lentebriesje—who was inspired by Asiatic landscape design and the pluck of a shamisen—knows his way around a voxel. What’s most impressive about this digital art is the fantasy embellishments, such as the whale—an airborne island in the shape of the gigantic ocean mammal. Watch for it, and tell me that Studio Ghibli’s next film shouldn’t be set in this place.