Who needs iPhones when we have gigantic storytelling ribbons?

Touch-screens are pretty great for mobile phones, except when you’re typing, and cutting-and-pasting, and, well, a bunch of other stuff, but using a touch-screen at a museum takes the ritual out of running your fingers through those old archives. So The Museum of The History of Polish Jews in Warsaw commissioned this statuesque, narrative ribbon that looks like a gull with spread wings on which to present the stories of Semitic Poland.

Called Macrofilm, this one-of-a-kind slide projector allows visitors to spin a hand-sized wheel to scroll through cards. It was important for them to come up with an unique experience because, after all, there would be less reason to go to the museum if all the archive material was digitized and placed on the Internet for convenience. This way they can still retain all the charm of going to the microfiche cabinet, even enhancing it by making that moment an inspiring experience, while presenting information in a convenient, tech-savvy way.

Via Creative Applications