Fan-made Pac-Man trailer finally explains why he’s so hungry.

PAC-MAN never had a great story. Yellow circle runs from ghosts, then eats them when they turn blue. Project Yellow Sphere elucidates the issue. 

– – –

In the last 10 years or so, the internet has lit up with fan-made takes on the PAC-MAN mythos, casting him as everything from a motorcycle-riding vigilante to an indescriminate, soul-devouring monster. We’ve seen him as a horror-stricken astronaut, haunted by the ghosts of his deceased shipmates, a prisoner locked in a labyrinthine asylum, and as a hilariously awesome cameo on Futurama. Still, the larger questions went unanswered. Namely…

What the heck is a Pac-Man? What are the ghosts? What and/or where is this blinking blue maze? And how exactly can a hungry yellow ball exit on the left side of the screen, and re-appear again on the right? On the surface, it was absolute, utterly random nonsense.

A fan-made trailer for a PAC-MAN movie, written by James Farr, gives a far-fetched but logical explanation for PAC-MAN’s existence. A year in production, the trailer boasts professional special effects and, of course, an impressed military man.