Spaceteam is a thrilling critique of technobabble, also our favorite iOS game of the weekend

I spent a lot of time working through Halo 4 last week and man, there’s a lot of crazytalk. What the Didact, Composer, or “rampancy” actually means is not significant, but it did remind me that we put up with a lot of made-up language when we deal with sci-fi. Ultimately, none of this really matters in making Halo 4 a good game or not, but it still strikes me as contrived. 

Former BioWare engineer Henry Smith‘s new, free game Spaceteam is a witty, local multiplayer game for iOS. You man a spaceship on the run and are tasked with a set of ridiculous commands such “Release the Hounds” and “Increase artifical grill to 3.” You get the idea. The game essentially devolves into you joyously screaming nonsense at your friends.

This is basically the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for spacenerds.