The Carolinas have joined the e-recycling movement. Have you?

Time to let go of that PSP Go? Live in Charlotte, or Charleston? Don’t throw the handheld system out just yet. On July 1st, North and South Carolina both implemented a landfill ban on all electronics. They joined the sixteen other states that already prohibit disposal of any electronic device, such as televisions, game systems, computers or smart phones. Richland County Solid Waste Director Paul Alcantar explains some of the reasons behind the move. 

“A lot of electronics still have components that can leak some type of fluid or material that could get into the groundwater and be harmful,” said Alcantar.

Alcantar says more and more people are looking to get new electronic items and get rid of old ones.

He says local landfills are seeing an uptick in discarded electronics and feels the law is necessary to protect residents’ health

Older CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) televisions can contain as much as eight pounds of lead. If such material leeches into the ground, nearby soil and water can become toxic. Local officials are directing residents toward recycling centers devoted to the high-tech trash. Expect more states to implement a landfill ban on e-devices soon.

-Jon Irwin

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