There are more ways to play DayZ than psychopath, apparently

This is the revelation I gained from the DayZ Character Dice Game Remix, a personality-rolling meta-game you play prior to logging in, with the numbers from your dice assigning you a specific mentality. 

Created by Reddit-users Conn3ct3d and Wingthree, the game casts you as either a hero, good guy, bad guy, survivor, crazy person, or psychopath accordingly. For those of us who only know of the ruthless survival game through hearsay, it shines a light on the strange psychology that exists within. For example, one role you can roll is “go[ing] around breaking peoples’ legs to make friends that can’t escape.” And for those of you who play regularly, here’s your chance to save yourself from a life of online lunacy.

The small text in the chart is much easier to read here