We collaborated with Popular Science to predict the future of fun.

We’ve curated a section of the February issue of Popular Science, focusing on the future of fun, which games are on the cutting edge of everything, and what even counts as a “game” these days anyways. Today, Felipe Salgado discusses the best games you can find on your web browser.

While big-budget games get further entrenched in big returns and big budgets, a lot of innovation has shifted to the internet. Developers, by themselves or in small teams, have turned the small scale of the browser into an asset, creating little Flash-based distractions that don’t have to worry about commercial viability, and that innovate excitingly, either through theme, subject matter, or game play. They work outside the system. And the best part? They’re all free.

Read the full list of games over at Popular Science’s website.

[via PopSci]