Interactive documentary has you use the world as a musical instrument

The world is an infinite musical instrument. This is the prevailing idea across the interactive documentary Soundhunters. And it doesn’t mean in the way as I understood it in my college days, drumming out beats onto desk corners with my fingers; it’s less deliberate than that. The idea is to listen intently to the everyday sounds around you, record them, and then bring them together to create a musical tapestry from natural noise. “Today, every sound can be recorded, hijacked, manipulated and reinvented into an original musical creation. That is how a soundhunter works,” reads the project’s documentation. To demonstrate this,…


New episode of Let’s Play takes games beyond the screen

The first three installments of Laurent Checola and Thomas Kimmerlin’s micro-documentary web series Let’s Play invited viewers to examine the new frontiers for game designers, how they are participating in controversial conversations, and how they can challenge conventional notions of play and success. Now, the fourth episode discusses how designers are moving play from the screen to create a more physical, social experience. 


Our documentary look at the art of videogames continues

The first two episodes of Laurent Checola and Thomas Kimmerlin’s collaborative micro-documentary Let’s Play introduced the emerging communities of developers experimenting with how to create exciting new experiences and tell emotionally resonant, even controversial stories within games. The third installment asks both developers and players to challenge the preexisting paradigms of gratification in games to explore new digital and emotional terrains. 


The documentary on That Dragon, Cancer is an invitation to play through grief

You can catch an excerpt screening of Thank You For Playing at Kill Screen’s one-night film fest at the Two5Six conference in May /// There’s a scene in Thank You For Playing, a documentary capturing the emotional journey behind the creation of That Dragon, Cancer, which summarizes both projects pretty aptly. On the second day of shooting ever, directors David Osit and Malika Zouhali-Worrall documented the two-person dev team (Ryan Green and Josh Larson) showcasing their game at PAX Prime East 2013. Co-director David Osit describes the experience as the “first time we ever fully realized how special what they were creating was.” Both he and Malika began working on…


Is this the first glimpse of Dark Souls 2’s world map?

I believe it is. You can scope it on a dry erase board at From Software’s studio at the 4:23 mark of the mini-documentary Namco Bandai released yesterday. It’s hard to make out much—some castle ruins scribbled chaotically in red and blue marker, possibly a shrine with a Japanese symbol I can’t read above it, two number 5s labeling a turret—but it’s definitely some sort of level layout.  I’m especially curious about the large red figure perched on the tower, which looks like a inhospitable winged reptile. The rest of the board is every bit as twisted and branching as…