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Announcing workshops at VERSIONS 2017

Announcing workshops at VERSIONS 2017

If you’re itching to get your hands on the latest tech and expertise in VR and AR, there’s no better place than the VERSIONS 2017 workshops. Join us on Sunday February 25th to learn best practices from the pros, experiment with the technology, and investigate the practical side of creating compelling experiences for VR/AR/MR. Each of the workshops will be conducted by industry-leading experts, and participants will have a chance to explore their numerous approaches.

We just announced the full workshop lineup on our conference website, but here’s a taste of just a few of the unique sessions scheduled:



Sunday, February 26

10:00 AM | New Museum Sky Room

Let science fiction become science fact through Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained, untethered head-mounted holographic computing device for mixed reality (MR). Mixed reality blends 3D holographic content into the physical world, giving holograms real-world context and scale. In this workshop, we’ll create a holographic game using Unity, where we’ll cover the fundamental principles of interacting with holograms using gaze, gestures, and voice. The project will be publicly available with additional resources to allow participants  to re-build the game and to continue its development, long after the workshop is over.



Sunday, February 26

10:00 AM | NEW INC Offices

This workshop is geared toward artists, designers, and explorers who know how to take photographs, scan drawings, or use digital tools to generate imagery, and want to learn how to make these visions come to life in virtual reality. The workshop will cover easy-to-learn techniques that turn the typical 3D production process on its head and allow for rapid prototyping of spaces that look and feel the way they were intended to.

The workshops will be open to Versions Conference Pass Holders first, but those interested may also purchase a ticket to attend  an individual workshop. (Note: You do not need a conference pass to attend a workshop.) Those interested in purchasing Conference tickets can do so here.

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