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Nicolas Cage is gonna be in VR, baby!

Nicolas Cage is gonna be in VR, baby!

Who do we rely on in tumultuous times? When the polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate? And the ocean level and climate are rising to environment-destroying heights? Nicolas Cage, of course.

Cage is to rescue the world from global warming in a new sci-fi thriller directed by Rob King, called The Humanity Bureau. The film will be shot in a rare format, with the Barco Escape multi screen format, which creates a panoramic experience for movies. Only a few films have gotten this treatment before, starting with The Maze Runner in 2014, to Star Trek Beyond premiering with 20 minutes of Barco Escape footage. There are only 24 cinemas across the world equipped for the multi projection systems.

filmed using a multi screen format and VR

In addition to the Barco Escape footage, The Humanity Bureau will have portions of it filmed in virtual reality. The extent to which these will be shown—whether in VR booths at theaters themselves or through promotional marketing material—is still unclear.

The Humanity Bureau takes place in the not too distant future: 2030. (Okay, I guess that is a ways into our future.) In the film’s sci-fi world (and probably our future world too), global warming has wreaked havoc on the world, most notably the American Midwest. In the midst of an economic recession spurred by this, an ominous government agency called The Humanity Bureau exiles people to a colony called New Eden, but only if they are unproductive members of society. Cage will be starring as an “impartial” case worker who investigates an appealed case. Things will probably go bad or something, as they often do in Nicolas Cage movies.

Filming for The Humanity Bureau starts next week in British Columbia, so expect a long wait for this thrilling Cage adventure in VR.

Header image: “Nicolas Cage 66ème Festival de Venise” by nicolas genin is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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