Film noir/Mexican folk-lore classic Grim Fandango headed back to computers, too

Grim Fandango, Tim Schafer’s stone-cold-classic first-ever 3D game, will also becoming to the PC, Mac, and Linux. First announced by Sony during E3 as an exclusive, Schafer has revealed that the not only will the game come to the home computers, but will do so on the same day as PS4 and Vita.

Schafer hasn’t gotten to spend much time with Grim Fandango in the 15 years since he left LucasArts and founded Double Fine. “As soon as we brought these two crazy elements together, film noir and mexican folklore,” he says in the making-of below, “it was just one of those thing sparked idea after idea after idea and whenever you hit something like that it’s so rare…it was just an explosion of ideas and creativity.” If you have an old friend you haven’t gotten to see in awhile, maybe you know a little of what it feels like for him. We’ve known for a few weeks now that he’s very excited to be reunited with Manny Calavera and co. but it was very surprising to some that Grim, as he affectionately calls it, would be a Sony exclusive.

Grim has lived on in its own kind of limbo on the PC for fifteen years. Schafer points to the very strong fan community that has kept the game alive, even patching and updating it as the industry modernized. Lead concept artist Peter Chan calls Grim Fandango his “favorite adventure game that [he’s] ever worked on.” High praise coming from someone who has worked on Broken Age, Psychonauts, Day of the Tentacle, and Secret of Monkey Island 2, among many others.

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