Go on a beautiful voyage into the unknown with Verreciel

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Verreciel (iOS)

Verreciel is the latest entry in Devine Lu Linvega’s “sequence of linguistically involved projects,” which includes Paradise (2011), Hiversaires (2013), and Oquonie (2014). Verreciel has you explore various star systems by connecting the consoles that surround you inside your Glass Ship. As you navigate outer space, you follow simple missions: harvesting currencies and trading them for warp keys to new locations. It’s a game about mastering the mechanical intricacies of travel, which echoes Linvega’s latest life choice to live on a boat and sail the world. Linvega’s hope is that his aquatic adventures will lead to new inspiration. This, too, is reflected in Verreciel, through the beauty of its space stations and cities you visit, all depicted in abstract geometric shapes while hypnotic music plays on your radio.

Perfect for: Space traders, cosmonauts, linguaphiles

Playtime: 2-5 hours