Kaiju-a-Gogo has plenty of urban-razing kaiju, decidedly less gogo

There haven’t been nearly enough games where you terrorize modern cities as ravaging mecha Kaiju roused from the pits of nuclear hell, which is a shame. But luckily Kaiju-a-Gogo is a new entry in the genre that has been asleep probably since SNK’s King of the Monsters, unless you count the Hulk and Transformers games, which I don’t really. 

This one is vying for your attention and beer money on Kickstarter, and sounds promising on the premise alone, even if the dev only has one meager screenshot to show for it and a pitch trailer with no actual game footage. You’ll be able to upgrade, mutate, and surfeit your very own giant monster on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android if this one reaches its goal.