Louis CK and the cult of the laptop loner

The LA Review of Books has a trenchant piece today from the novelist Adam Wilson about the way Louie appeals to the new generation of young men and women, swaddled in their beds, watching TV on laptops and tablets. 

It is a show that, more than any other, both caters to this new kind of audience — the Laptop Loners — and has, as its creator, a member of the club. C.K. doesn’t just star in Louie, he also writes every episode, directs, produces, and oversees the music. Until recently, he even edited the show on his personal laptop. What’s more, C.K. is his own subject, a single father whose particular brand of post-millennial loneliness feels of a piece with Louie’s auteur production style and the solitudinous way in which we currently watch television.

We gamers, of course, are no strangers to the solipsistic screen-user feedback loop, and its attendant pleasures and dangers.