Erotic Objects

Media artist makes cute little sex machines

If you’ve ever wondered how it would look to watch virtual machines masterbate, Latvian artist Elstons Kuns has you covered. In his surrealistic virtual art project Erotic Objects, Kuns celebrates the human body by reducing it into a cleaner, less-messy series of colorful automotron, or more precisely, autoerotic machinery. It’s difficult to look away: these hypnotizing pastel mechanical contraptions, made via coding in Linux, can masturbate themselves into oblivion.

Erotic Objects takes the most base human act and immortalizes it as art. The project, on one hand, represents industrialized sexuality without the intricate human nuances and feelings allegedly necessary to bring the act to life; these are isolated, cold machines made for efficiency. And yet, the viewer feels a sense of intrusion when looking at these machines, as though they represent some sort of robotic Kama Sutra, a sexual wisdom to which humans can’t be privy to.

Either way, I find myself wanting to cheer for these little guys. Or congratulate them.

See the full Erotic Objects gallery here. You can see more of Kuns’ work on his Tumblr blog.

Source: Electric Objects