New Push Me Pull You footage is soccer for your intestines

If you’ve ever watched sports pairs working together, like the Williams sisters in doubles tennis or the Winklevoss twins on the men’s rowing sculls, you may have wondered how their minds are so in sync. In one of the more bizarre profiles of a sport, Sarah Lyall investigated the intricate and often confusing human activity that is synchronized swimming pairs: “All you can see are legs—whose legs they are is not always clear—bending and straightening and crossing and recrossing in bewildering fast configurations.”

Hold that image in your mind. Then remove the legs. Actually, just removed the whole lower half and combine the pairs into a single, sprawling amorphous humanoid. Only now do you have the horror that is Push Me Pull You.

Designed four friends in Melbourne creating under the name House House, PMPY, as it were, is a game about friendship, but also wrestling. In this terrifying image from a future Olympics games where doping has reached its natural apex in cross-human experimentation, two teams of human centipedes compete to keep a ball on one half of an arena. There will be laughs. There will be nausea. There will be victory.

Today House House released gameplay footage and as expected, it’s a disgustingly enchanting as possible. Push Me Pull You has this Koonsian quality of both innocent and grotesque as you watch these wormlike creatures work themselves into a frenzy. Proceed with caution.