Have you seen Goalball? It’s not an imaginary sport, just an invisible one.

We’ve talked about games for the blind before, but today we’re talking specifically about sports. Shot in the Dark, a new documentary project on Kickstarter, will explore a game called Goalball for visually impaired players:  

Our film “Shot in the Dark” takes the viewer on a journey through the lives of several New York athletes, where sometimes sight is not a necessity. The sport they play behind black-out goggles threads their lives together.

A partial screening of “Shot in the Dark” at the Columbia School of Journalism on May 15 met warm reviews from the audience. Many had no idea what the sport of goalball entailed. Others said that the documentary had lifted the mental barriers they previously placed between themselves and visually impaired people. These responses are exactly what we’d hoped for when we started filming.

Shot in the Dark