Today on KS: We Review the Turn-Based Wonder of Warlight and Fantasy RPG Torchlight

Two dashing reviews today! First up, the turn-based goodness of Warlight. It’s not just a Risk-clone.  It is a achievement of social communication:

True story: A friend of mine was just at the hospital with his mother. She went in for surgery for a tumor-it could be serious, maybe inoperable, or maybe something they can treat. I haven’t heard the prognosis yet, because my friend doesn’t play WarLight. He’s the only guy I know who tried it and didn’t like it.

Next up, Josh Geist tunnels through the world of dungeon-crawler Torchlight:

Before she fell asleep, Megan frowned at the screen. She has been insisting lately that I play games that make better movies, but tonight, it seems she resolved to attempt to understandTorchlight.

“So what is this game?” she asked.

“It’s a dungeon crawl,” I said. “You get a pet.” (This is usually vital game information for Megan.)

“But it seems like all you’re ever doing is flipping through windows.”