We’re 75 million dollars closer to living the dream of virtual reality

The future has gotten even rosier for virtual reality, as the Oculus Rift headgear has just received a whopping 75 million dollars in financial backing from the investing firm Andreessen Horowitz. Oculus had previously raised just 16 million. 

This will undoubtedly propel us into the virtual future even faster. Though the hype surrounding virtual reality is resonant, we know the technology is a long way from prime time. The headset can do things to your cochleas that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. This is due to technical issues like latency, low resolution, and having a heavy black mask strapped to your head. 

The device has sparked the interest not only of bloggers like me who’ve seen The Matrix one too many times, but of giants in the game industry who are set on working out the kinks, such as John Carmack, the father of shooting things in first-person, and research and development teams at Valve. Now, with their coffer receiving a kick in the pants, virtual reality may finally be coming to the masses. 

(img via telepresenceoptions)