Playing with the Trickster

“They are the lords of in-between. A trickster does not live near the hearth; he does not live in the halls of justice, the soldier’s tent, the shaman’s hut, the monastery. He passes through each of these when there is a moment of silence, and he enlivens each with mischief, but he is not their guiding spirit. He is the spirit of the doorway leading out, and of the crossroad at the edge of town.” – Lewis Hyde /// Adam Jensen is a serious man. He has no time to spare; a helicopter is waiting for him as we speak.…

Death's Gambit

Death’s Gambit finds the humor in its deadly medieval world

Death’s Gambit, the upcoming medieval action game from developer White Rabbit, likes to wear its influences on its sleeve. Like the recently released Salt & Sanctuary, it’s part Dark Souls (2011) and part Castlevania, sending players into a brutish world that could not yell “here be dragons” any louder. And yet, according to the latest post on the game’s development log, it also seems to have a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor amid all the danger. The post itself is short, simply reminding players that the game is still alive and letting them know that they can expect a new trailer soon. With…