Colorful Game-Building with Film Noir and the Universe


A post-mortem with Jeremy Abel and Evan Anthony from Feral Cat Den

November 3, 2021



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With the growth of accessible game-building software comes an expansive game market. So it’s no surprise that Genesis Noir, a smokey, film noir-style game in gray tones and gold, would be ushered onto Steam with gorgeous and jazzy fanfare. But why stop there when you could set gameplay against the backdrop of the Big Bang?

In this talk, Genesis Noir creators, Evan Anthony and Jeremy Abel from Feral Cat Den, will discuss how they used their non-traditional backgrounds to build games before diving into the history and inspirations of Genesis Noir. They’ll also explore the larger story, theme, and gameplay. After the initial post-mortem talk, there will be a separate 1 hour-long Q&A session where attendees can ask questions about the game, how to get into game making, and more.

This is part of Killscreen’s Theory programming (see below)

About Your Speakers

Jeremy Abel is a generalist engineer and artist who is fascinated by interesting uses of technology, new science, the future, forgotten old technology, all types of fun, and the intersection of any and all of these things.

Jeremy graduated from RIT in 2010 and has worked at studios in NYC including B-Reel, Google Creative Lab, Hobbes, and Bossa. In 2017 he founded Feral Cat Den with Evan Anthony.

Currently he is teaching as an adjunct professor at NYU’s Game Center, and is also experimenting with old television broadcast animation equipment.

Evan Anthony is a generalist passionate about design, animation, code, and craft be it for interactive, broadcast, installation, or print. After creating his first animation and code on a TI-83+graphing calculator, he hasn’t stopped experimenting with media.

After graduating from RIT in 2010, Evan worked at NYC studios including B-Reel, Hush, Dress Code, and Google Creative Lab before founding Feral Cat Den in 2017 with Jeremy Abel to create their first indie game, Genesis Noir.

Evan is creating more Genesis Noir and developing new worlds that blend art, history, and science into idiosyncratic extravagance.

What to Expect

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