Hug these cloud-like lamps into any shape and size

In a day where products can be mass produced in less time and effort as it used to take in the past, makers and consumers crave for objects that can be customized according to personal preferences. One such object is the Proplamp, a lamp design that can be reshaped by the owner over and over again.

The product of a collaboration between Dutch designers Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers, Proplamp is a hanging, customizable lamp that resembles a crumbled piece of paper.

Teeuwen has long been fascinated with the shapes created by crumpling paper and has even designed a whole collection of tailor-made lights inspired by the concept. In parallel, Zwiers has been experimenting with new types of materials, including a multi-functional non-woven plastic that seemed ideal for a light design. Unbeknownst to each other, the two designers just happen to be working on similar light designs. They decided to work together and Proplamp is the unique product of their collaboration.

The Proplamp is made of a biodegradable non-woven material and is shaped like a crushed piece of paper. Teeuwen and Zwiers pre-shape each Proplamp, but users can create their own beautiful cloud-like shapes by hugging the lamp or crushing parts of it to add their own unique touch to the lighting object. The unique material of the Proplamp allows it to be re-shaped over and over again. Owners can customize their Proplamp into whatever cloud-like shape they want anytime.

The unique shape created out of the hanging lamp helps add an ethereal quality to the space the lamp occupies. The way the Proplamp is crushed or crumpled also helps vary the lighting effect that each lamp provides. The owners of the Proplamp are essentially free to style the space and the lamp as they see fit. They can string several lamps in a line or hang them up with varying lengths to create different light effects.

Details on where to buy a Proplamp can be found on the product website.

Take a look at a video about the Proplamp below.


Source: dornob

Images: Sam in Stijl via Proplamp

This post was originally written by Leah Gonzalez for PSFK.