Rearrange a world of typography in unWorded

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unWorded (iOS)


A hospitalized writer reflects on his life with the strange tales he has read and written over the years. This is the premise narrative puzzle game unWorded. It’s set in a world made of letters, which immediately draws comparison to Type:Rider and DEVICE 6, but it’s only an interest in typography that connects them. unWorded’s unique task is in creating pictures out of letters and punctuation. As the writer reads books from his past, you might have to piece together parenthesis and the letter ‘I’ to create a palm tree, or a series of slanted letters to form the shape of a gun. It’s a reflection of the writer’s obsession: seeing worlds inside letters, piecing together words to create striking images.

Perfect for: Writers, daydreamers, Claude Garamond

Playtime: An hour