Swoon to Simogo’s new "challenge-free experience" The Sailor’s Dream with us

Over their short but fertile career, the two-man team at Simogo has established a singular voice: perfectly unified in art, sound, and structure, experienced through the glossy sheen of an iDevice. Last year, their brisk, sprightly aesthetic began to give way, first to the almost death-metal-dark Year Walk, and then with the Lynchian Device 6

Today, they’ve unveiled The Sailor’s Dream, which they consider the third part of the trifecta begun with Year Walk. Its short video trailer dropped on Kill Screen HQ like a neutron bomb full of pastel hues and gently plucked guitar strings. Described as “a challenge-free experience in which you explore a non-linear story through words, music, sounds and illustrations,” the video shows off a warm, lightly fantastic art style. The nautical ephemera and carefully inked lines present a world ripe for exploring, which, fortunately, seems like the only thing to do here.

It’s due out later this year.