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DJ transforms Sonic The Hedgehog sounds into house music

In a new interview with FACT, producer Tony Donson says, “I feel that maybe I’m the only producer within the contemporary music platform that’s using that sound chip.” He’s speaking of the Yamaha YM2612, the chip found in the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive) from back in the early ’90s, and so when it is used, it’s typically to create fan versions of songs with the Genesis sound or to remix classic Sega songs. Donson’s claim is heavily disputed within the larger chiptune community, who point to thousands of other artists making similar use of the chip, many preceding him. For…


This book celebrating the history of the Genesis is gorgeous

We love videogames here at Kill Screen, but we’ve also been known to fancy tightly-bound printed material. That’s why we can’t get enough of this breathtaking black book on the history of the Sega Genesis, which does honor to the one and only console with blast processing. Titled SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works, its pages are fully-illustrated with pixel and concept art, as well as photography that rightfully tributes the retro-future hardware design—such as the 32X and The Activator—which shall forever be engraved in our minds. The Kickstarter has 16 days to go. Check it out.


World’s oldest statue looks familiar

Sega Genesis fans will be delighted to learn one of the system’s premier launch titles goes back long before the arcade original. A carving of a lion with human features that was to be a highlight of the British Museum’s Ice Art show has been found to be much older than initially believed. Analysis of discovered shards now place the statue as nearly 40,000 years old, making it the oldest known figurative statue. Can you say, “Rise from your grave!”?