Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and the art of videogame lighting

“We always want more control,” said EA DICE’s Fabien Christin, Senior Lighting Artist (and a man who is very particular about reflections), who led a fruitful panel at the Game Developer’s Conference on Thursday morning. In his technical talk, “Lighting the City of Glass – Rendering Mirror’s Edge Catalyst,” Christin listed off the successes and many challenges he and his team faced over the course of developing the as-of-yet-unreleased Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. “Getting the right white was a challenge” Christin talked of everything in the realm of lighting, from the “natural” light dependent on the in-game skies, to the reflections…

Resident Evil Remake

The desolate mansion of Resident Evil

Resident Evil, released in 1996 for PlayStation 1, is hilarious—it’s so funny. The voice acting is ridiculous, the plot is sensational and the live-action cutscenes look like they’ve come from a porn parody film. In fact, that’s Resident Evil in a nutshell: from the campy character and costume design through the cheap music and sound effects, Resident Evil feels like a high-end fuck film, only without any fucking. Look at Jill. Look at Chris. Look at BARRY. This is a cast of actors straight out of a Brock Landers movie. Resident Evil has become the beloved low watermark of videogame production value, but designers…


A hockey fan taught his living room to celebrate goals with a light show

The Montreal Canadiens’ season is over. Last night, following a 4—1 loss at the hands and sticks of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Habs were eliminated from the National Hockey League’s playoffs. Their barren run of seasons without bringing home the Stanley Cup now sits at twenty two. Viewed in the light, the only good thing to come out of the 2014-2015 season is François Maillet’s homemade goal celebration light show. As a proper Habs fan, the lights in Maillet’s show flash red, white, and blue. This is not to be misconstrued as an allusion to the American or French…