Review: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Adventure games are a genre that everybody has nostalgia for, but nobody plays. That’s because games like Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective feel old-fashioned compared to the open-world, massively multiplayer, online-all-the-time games we’re used to. Some detractors have even gone so far as to call designer Shu Takumi’s Phoenix Wright series a collection of “interactive novels” rather than games. Thank goodness he hasn’t taken his eviction from the clubhouse to heart.


Boards and Bits

After five years dedicated to the beautification of the boardgame, Mike Doyle found a new calling—Lego sculpture.

It was this summer, on a trip to Legoland with his boys, that Doyle, a 43-year-old graphic designer from New Jersey, rekindled his passion for the building blocks. When he got home he searched the Internet to see what kind of art, if any, people were creating with Lego. He discovered sculptors, like Nathan Sawaya, who use the bricks to create art pieces much bigger than your average play set. “I had no idea that Lego could be manipulated to the degree that people were doing,” he says.